Frequently Asked Question


SIMSIM CINEMA is a brand new on-demand video streaming application for android users and computer users. The reason you should dowload SIMSIM CINEMA app is becuase we provide extremely awesome entertainment in very less money!

What are the packages?

Our deluxe entertainment comes in really low and long packages! 3 MONTHS - INR 25/- 6 MONTHS - INR 50/- 1 YEAR - INR 75/-

How many devices can i use?

You can use 1 device with one account and every account comes with at least 5 team members!

What are the refund policies?

Unfortunately, once you have paid there is no policy that advocates refunds which means the money will ont be refunded in any case. Kindly read the Terms and Conditions, Refund and Privacy Policy carefully before buying a subscription.

Is everything on SIMSIM CINEMA original and Exclusive?

Everything available on the SIMSIM CINEMA is original or exclusive. Everything that you can watch on our app will not be found anywhere else on the internet.